Idle Heroes Best Team

Idle Heroes Best Team

How do i proceed? Best team for PvP and PvE? Things to aim for IDLE HEROES VN] Best Team IDLE HEROES NOW YouTube.

Just curious what you guys think is the best PvP team currently team fortress the best team in pvp Idleheroes YouTube.

After 3 months of playing, I finally got a full 6 star team 6 STAR HEROES, 7 STAR HERO, 100K TEAM in IDLE HEROES! YouTube.

Is it too much to use 3 priests in one team? : IdleHeroes The Instant Guide To PvP Team Composition Play Idle Heroes.

Guys, I think I have the best team ever made. 1 6 Star equip, rest Idle Heroes Best team Barea win Skin Boss in Celestial Island lv .

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